My paintings are all based on my life and moments that have left their mark

Lola Tehver  is an Estonian painter who started her artistic career in 2014. She has studied Russian and Slavic philology and media and advertising at the University of Tartu. In addition, Lola has studied classical painting at the Open Academy of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

The recurring theme in her work is female sexuality. In her bold, colourful works, Tehver explores the form of being a woman and the conscious use of womanly energy. The archetypal, instinctive, sexual and cyclical nature of a woman, her developmental path, feminine wisdom and the fire of creativity.

She often paints the powerful inner world of a woman. According to Lola, it all somehow comes naturally from within herself. In women, despite all the cultural layers, some fragment of primal force has survived, which Lola depicts through her figurative paintings. A woman is smart, powerful, aware of her power and able to use, but not a woman that subjects to the masculine hierarchies of society.

A woman is able to sense the power in her body, and this is the reason that she is divinatory. That’s the secret we always forget – women wield power that is naturally within us. All of us, in fact, but women have much easier access to it for some primal reason. A woman only needs to creatively release the power – be it in a dance, song, literature, or sex. Women perceive the world more deeply and in a more primal manner than men. We have been made to be different. Only through acknowledging and recognising the forces within us can each of us make truly magical changes in our lives.

Lola has participated in several international group exhibitions in Venice (2014) as well as in Finland (2020) and Latvia (2021). Since 2016, she has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Estonia. Her works can be found in many private collections in Estonia and in different parts of the world. Lola is a member of the Estonian Painters Association. 

Solo Exhibitions:

2023 (Upcoming), "Behind The Scenes", Rakvere Theatre, Rakvere, Estonia
2023 (Upcoming) "Secret Garden", Sepikoja Gallery in the PÕHJALA, Tallinn, Estonia
2023 (Upcoming), KIUS Resto, Tallinn, Estonia
2023 "WONDERLAND",Innovation Home Kamppi, Helsinki, Finland

2022 Innovation Home Kamppi, Helsinki, Finland
2022 Museum of Fat Margaret, Tallinn, Estonia
2022 Staapli 3 Art Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2022 Viimsi Library, Tallinn, Estonia
2021 R14 Restaurant, Tallinn, Estonia
2020 “Dimorfism”, Viimsi Huvikeskus (Viimsi Amusement Center), Tallinn, Estonia
2019 "What should I wear tomorrow?", NailSpa, Tallinn, Estonia
2019 Plan B Restaurant, Tallinn, Estonia
2018 "Feminine world of knowledge", NailSpa, Tallinn, Estonia
2016 “Beautiful Womens and Their Beauty”, NailSpa, Tallinn, Estonia

Group Exhibitions:

2023 "The White Ship", Estonian Painters Association's curated exhibition, Kadrioru Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2022 The annual exhibition of Estonian Painters' Association “Contemporary Estonian Art: Love Story”, The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia  

2021 International biennale "Marina 2021", Jurmala City Museum, Jurmala, Latvia
2021 OKKK-7 Group exhibition, KÄRBES, Tallinn, Estonia
2021 The annual exhibition of Estonian Painters' Association “Contemporary Estonian Art: Temporary space”, The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia  
2020 "WOMAN.REPLACEMENT BODY", Estonian Painters Association`s curated exhibition, NOORUS Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
2020 "Unlimited Reality", Galleria KOOKOS, Helsinki, Finland
2020 The annual exhibition of Estonian Painters' Association “Contemporary Estonian Art: Global/Local”, The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia  
2020  OKKK-7 Group exhibition, Alexela Concert Hall, Tallinn, Estonia
2019 Gallery 3.14, Tallinn, Estonia
2019 The annual exhibition of Estonian Painters' Association “Contemporary Estonian Art: Reality and Ideal”, The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia    
2019 OKKK-7 Group, Salme Kultuurikeskus, Tallinn, Estonia
2017 Estonian Art Academy group, Kultuurikatel, Tallinn, Estonia
2014  Group exhibition “Venezia E L’ARTE”, gallery,Venezia, Italy


  • Estonian Painters' Association